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​Wine Portfolio




Valley of the Moon Winery

Valley of the Moon wines are steeped in the history of Sonoma Valley. The name Valley of the Moon borrows its origin from the translation of the Native American word Sonoma. With a heritage of winemaking dating back over 150 years, our wine program today features all that our region has to offer. These wines are available nationally in restaurants and retail stores.

Lake Sonoma Winery

Lake Sonoma Winery produces wines exclusively from esteemed vineyards of Sonoma County, a wine-growing region home to some of the most diverse terroirs and micro-climates in the world. This diversity is best expressed through Sonoma's sub-appellations, many of which are renowned for specific varietals that thrive in each. We work only with the most celebrated of these to offer a brilliant portfolio of fine wines designed to showcase the region’s unique characteristics and the varietal for which it is known. Taste for yourself when you visit the Lake Sonoma Tasting Room at Sonoma Plaza.